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Spring Material Selector

The Spring Material Selector from IST is a unique online database of spring materials, allowing you to quickly identify wire or strip grades for spring applications.

Hundreds of material specifications and grades from around the world are included, giving information on physical and mechanical properties. Guidance is also given for corrosion resistance and corrosion protection, heat treatment, etc.

You can search by spring type, operating temperature, the environment in which the spring will be working, or find materials that match a specific chemical composition. When you've selected a specifiction, full mechanical properties are given. You are also shown a list of related specifications from other standards around the world are listed, so that you can compare them.

Conversion to PDF files allows you to save a specification, email it, and of course print it.

Because Spring Material Selector is hosted on IST's servers, it is kept up to date automatically. We are committed to continually improving the quality of our information, and are planning to add a number of additional national standards as well as more commercial grades.

Detailed Specifications

Spring Material Selector is an advanced web-based application. The user interface allows you to compare multiple search and specification windows.

The comprehensive search window allows you to apply as many filters as you want, including the spring type, the required operating temperature and the environment it will be in (eg marine, acidic) .

The initial display window shows the basic properties of the material, together with information on corrosion, heat treatment and also a list of related specifications.

Other options of the display window show suppliers both of the material itself and possible coatings, but also chemical composition, full tensile strength data (including sizes) and typical fatigue and relaxation predictions:


Spring Material Selector is only available online, on an annual subscription basis. Prices are shown in the table below.

Member price applies to member companies of IST, ESF or IWMA. Upgrade price applies to existing users of the CD-ROM based Material Selector database. Please contact IST if you qualify for either of these categories, and we will send you a voucher code to enable the discounted price.

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Developed in association with the European Spring Federation

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